Image of Balinese Garden Gateway

Balinese Garden Gateway

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The Story

Balinese Garden Gateway

The entrance to this spiritual sanctuary will be made up of a traditional Balinese-style archway and gate. In Bali, these entrance gateways are called Paduraksha. A majority of the population of Bali are Hindu and their art and traditions are part of the Hindu diaspora that will be celebrated at Siva Ashram. Our Balinese Entrance Gateway will be made up of intricately carved doors that are framed by a concrete arch with a tiled roof above it. The gateway will be flanked by two statues of temple guards and will be carved out of Balinese black stone. These guards are symbolic of inner world beings that protect sacred temple grounds, warding off negative beings, and welcoming pilgrims. Small and large donations alike are welcome and deeply appreciated as this is a crowdsourced project.

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