Giant Hens and Chick

Echeveria Gigantea is a species of succulent plant that is native to Mexico. It is a slow-growing, evergreen rosette-forming plant that can reach up to 2 feet in diameter. The leaves are thick and fleshy and are arranged in a rosette pattern, with a blue-green coloration and a slightly waxy texture. In the summer, the plant produces a tall inflorescence of pinkish-red flowers on a long stem, which can reach up to 6 feet in height. Echeveria Gigantea is a popular ornamental plant, often used in drought-tolerant landscaping and container gardens. It prefers well-drained soil and partial to full sun exposure. It is easy to care for and can be propagated by leaf cuttings or offsets.

Giant Hens and Chick

(Echeveria Gigantea)



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